The best known helicopter in the United States is Marine One, providing local transportation for the President.

You may ask, “What does this have to do with Bryan?” As the picture above suggests, there is a connection.

Almost four years ago, we were renting a beach house in Avalon, NJ over Memorial Day weekend. Traditionally, there is a small parade down the main street which we have always attended ever since Bryan was a little guy. He loves his parades!

Clutching a small flag in one hand and a miniature copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in the other, Bryan cheered and waved as the Garden Club, a small marching band and older veterans made their way up Dune Drive.

Leading the contingent of older vets was a young, handsome, uniformed Marine. They marched several paces past Bryan and then the Marine broke rank, hustled back to Bryan, and pressed a large silver coin into his hand.

Bryan cried out with tears in his eyes at that amazing gift, somehow realizing its significance. Because of the inscription on the coin and a confirmation in a local newsletter, we learned that the young Marine was, indeed, the pilot of Marine One. He had flow presidents Bush, Obama and Trump. I wonder if he is now piloting President Biden?

Whatever the case, this was a selfless act of generosity by one who serves our country well in a non-partisan way. Somehow he knew that giving that coin to a young patriot with Down Syndrome would mean the world to him.

May we all strive to love and serve our country and its citizenry as selflessly as this young pilot of Marine One.

9 thoughts on “Marine One

  1. OMG Sue…that brought tears to my eyes!!! What a beautiful story about what America is really about…thank you!!!❤️🙏🏻❤️


  2. Claudia and I enjoy each article that you write about Bryan’s life experiences. They are from the heart and filled with love. Thanks so much. Bob and Claudia


  3. Thank you Susan. I too love the parades and too know that Bryan received his medal on Avalon is even more special. Did you by chance see the banners on Dune Drive hung in memory of our boys who gave their lives. One was Bill Rommel. I will bet that Ed knows of him. Thanks again for a wonderful posting.


  4. Such a beautiful story! Those coins are very specials tokens for those in the military. We have one commemorating the submarine Norm served on.


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