Bryan has come a long way from the Easter basket-toting, egg-hunting, candy-consuming little guy you see pictured above.

Oh, he still likes his baskets and his chocolate bunnies!

However, he now embraces the true meaning of Easter as witnessed in today’s Zoom meeting, orchestrated by Bryan.

Apparently, he has been working on an idea for a Holy Week worship service with his counselors and friends Dr. John and Rev. Tim. These wonderfully kind, patient men have been meeting with Bryan for some time now, encouraging him to find his voice (both singing and otherwise) and honoring his wishes to craft a meaningful worship experience.

I’ve been asked by my son to provide accompaniment for two hymns he wishes to sing, which is why I was privy to today’s Zoom meeting.

As a result, Bryan and I hope to travel to Rev. Tim’s church in Lancaster County next week to record these musical offerings and put together this Eastertide service.

Bryan has fleshed out an order of service complete with scripture, prayers, music and message.

He’s finding a way to share his faith which is so important to him.

There have been glimpses of this sharing of the Easter message through his generous spirit in years past.

Two years ago he found a way to pay for and dedicate an Easter lily to the memory of his dear cousin who had died that previous fall. He did this all on his own,. We discovered this while reading the Easter bulletin – he had kept it a secret for weeks.

Last year, during COVID, Bryan made little baskets full of homemade chocolate peanut butter eggs which he gladly shared with friends and family.

And now he wants to share something even more personal. Perhaps I will be able to share the fruits of his labor with you next week….

8 thoughts on “Easter

  1. What a beautiful story! Bryan has gone from having an Easter basket filled with candy and eggs to one filled with his love of the Lord. Looking forward to hearing about your Eastertide Service. Easter Blessings Bryan ✝️ 💜, K.

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  2. It just gets more amazing every week…thank you so very much for sharing! What a role model Bryan is for us all…✝️💗✝️


  3. This is an awesome story as well as a Blessing for others.. I truly hope next week there will be a video of this young man singing.. I would be Blessed by that for sure.. I am so happy for this young man and truly would be be blessed and touched to hear and see him sing..


  4. What a beautiful story of a faith-filled young man! I hope we get to see the service he has designed.


  5. Bryan seems to understand the risen Christ at least as much as adult Christian believers do.
    Without the spiritual nurturing of his parents and home church, this could not have happened, so Sue deserves some credit here! It takes a family, a remarkable one. And it takes the village of community. ♥️


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