Bryan and his current roommate voting together.

Bryan has been living in an apartment since 2011. It will be ten years this August.

When Bryan was about to graduate at age 21, he was asked by his teachers to speak of his goals in life. He replied, “I want to move out and up when I’m thirty.” Well, shortly after his 30th birthday, his goal was realized.

There were some who questioned us as to why we wanted our son out of the house. I remember explaining countless times that this was Bryan’s decision, not ours. We had to honor his desires.

Sister Amy moved out of the house post-college. Bryan wished to do the same.

Of course, we were worried when letting him “fly the nest”. But we trusted, hoped and prayed for the best.

Now, when we go away on vacation, Bryan always expresses a desire to return “home” at the end of our trip…not to his childhood home, but to his apartment home. The first time he said that it broke my heart. Later I was able to find pride in how mature and grown up he had become.

Over the past ten years, we have worked with an agency that not only provides the roommate, but also oversees and monitors the overall living arrangements. The typical roommate contract runs for a two-year time period. Bryan is currently living with roommate number five. This wonderful young man will be moving on this summer. And, so, we find ourselves looking for roommate number six.

Through these past ten years of living with roommates possessing diverse personalities and abilities, Bryan has always remained intensely loyal to his mate no matter the issues that arise.

Bryan is quick to trust and embrace a new roommate whether that person has been with him under, over, or at the two-year mark. We trust Bryan as a good judge of character, soundly rejecting those who patronize and pity. There is a period of mourning for the former companion, but also an excitement while looking forward to new adventures with a new friend.

And, so, we find ourselves in transition once again as Bryan gets to know a new personality with his own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Once the decision has been made, however, we are confident that Bryan will “jump in with both feet” and form a loyal attachment to another new friend and companion who will do his best to keep our son healthy, safe and happy.

2 thoughts on “Roommates

  1. we should take notes about judgement, character, and learning to like & look forward to new adventures. Flexible acceptances and learning to get along. The works needs more Bryan’s!


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