Bryan and Kevin share a beer at the Highland Games Saturday.

Bryan never had a brother. Until now. When his sister, Amy, married Kevin Perry, Bryan gained a friend and a brother.

In the five short years they have known each other, a special bond has developed between them. Kevin’s kind, caring, quiet ways encourage Bryan to be himself.

Kevin remains nonplussed when Bryan’s speech falters or he goes on and on with a never-ending-story. His patience is abundant. Of course, his dry sense of humor helps temper any tricky situations that may arise.

As can be seen in the pictures, Kevin, Amy and Bryan had a fun adventure at the PA Renaissance Faire’s Highland Games. They gnawed on giant turkey legs, washed down with cold beer.

While at the archery range, Kevin patiently tried to show Bryan how to hold the bow and arrow, aim at the target, and shoot. After the mini-lesson, Bryan impatiently grabbed the bow and arrow from Kevin’s grasp and proceeded to let five shots fly – all of which hit the target squarely. He received a silver coin for his efforts.

When Kevin asked Bryan if he learned archery at summer Boy Scout camp, he replied; “No. I leaned it from watching Robin Hood”. That produced a big chuckle!

Of course, Bryan has seen every Robin Hood movie know to man and devotedly watches the 11-DVD 1950s TV series of Robin Hood daily. Maybe he’s right about learning archery from Robin Hood himself!

When asked what his favorite part of the day was, though, Bryan quickly answered, “The music and dancing”. Of course, Bryan planted himself squarely in front of center stage at the dancing venue, probably hoping that volunteers would be invited to join the Celtic revelry on stage. His gamble paid off and Bryan performed his version of the Highland Fling in front of the crowd.

Amy and Kevin provided this memorable day for brother Bryan as his 4oth birthday present. And along with making special memories, a bond between two newly-minted brothers has deepened and grown – the best gift of all!

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