Mr. Pilgrim Bryan – ready to tuck into Grandma’s Thanksgiving Feast.

Thanksgiving is one of Bryan’s favorite holidays, next to Christmas. Eating delicious food is high on his list. Eating mass quantities of food is, as Bryan would say, “Even MORE better”! Thanksgiving is the perfect storm.

Last year was an exception to the rule when we had to isolate due to Covid. No trips to western PA to dine with the Gordon clan. It was the first time we were not together in Bryan’s forty years. He missed his Grandma. But we wanted to be safe.

As we prepare to journey towards Johnstown tomorrow, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude – not just in anticipation of a delicious feast prepared by Aunt Laura and Uncle Brad, but for the realization that the food is not the most important thing about this day. Being together. Being healthy. Such blessings which, in the past, were taken for granted have now become what matters the most.

I wonder if Bryan will be crafting a Thanksgiving grace on his way out in the car tomorrow. That’s his usual M.O. A tradition of sorts. And we must strive to be patient as we hold hands around the table – our stomach’s growling and our mouths watering – while Bryan struggles through the reading of his prayer.

He always remembers to include some scripture in his blessing. And – the best part – after the “Amen” he always ends with “Gobble, gobble”.

We shall greedily gobble tomorrow, mindful of our abundant blessings. May it be so for you and your family as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Wishing you all an abundance of blessings as you celebrate Thanksgiving together. Love the tradition of Bryan saying the prayer 🙏 followed by “ Gobble Gobble”! “ Gobble Gobble “ in return 🦃!

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