Creating Christmas Candy

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 25:35). Each Christmas Bryan loves to make a candy treat to share with family and coworkers. We’ve dabbled in multiple fudge flavors, tried numerous forms of candy and cookies and decided this year to go with “easy”. His list of recipients seems to grow each year.

Left unchecked, Bryan would bankrupt his checking account each Christmas in order to give and make gifts for those for whom he cares. It’s hard to put the brakes on his spending for others, just as it is hard for him to limit his spending on himself.

Starting in October, Bryan begins to dream big about what to get each person on his “list”. I know it’s on his mind when I begin to receive photo texts of items which he deems appropriate for friends and family. When I question some of his choices, I get a good argument in return. “Well, Dr. John loves “Harry Potter”, so he would love this Hogwarts picture.” I try to gently dissuade him by explaining that Dr. John may not have any more room on his office walls for a picture that large.

He clearly puts a lot of thought into what he thinks they would want. Many times I have to play the “bad guy” by reigning in the spending. Hence, the candy making is a cheaper alternative to Bryan’s elaborate gift ideas. He still gets to give, but not break the bank.

And, no matter the gift, whether a small bag of candy treats or a more expensive wrapped gift, Bryan still derives pleasure in making and giving to those whom he cares for this Christmas. Indeed, “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). May we all feel that warm feeling of Christmas giving as we prepare to celebrate the birth of the One who gave the ultimate gift!

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