We have just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Sanibel Island in Florida, our Happy Place – the coveted yearly trip for just the two of us. While we were there, I was reminiscing about a time several years ago where it was not as enjoyable initially. In fact, it was downright tough at first.

After a stressful time period in Bryan’s living situation, it was suggested he move back into our care, which was two weeks before our trek south to Sanibel.

We scrambled to find accommodations for him as there was no room in our little cottage for an extra body. There was a motel room on the other side of the island, which we nabbed for a few nights. After that, Bryan stayed with his aunt and uncle once they arrived on island, for the remainder of week one.

Those first few days as we would drop Bryan off by himself at the motel were unnerving for me. But Bryan approached it as an adventure – a chance for independance.

He ate his meals and spent the days with us until the sun had set each day. But in the dark each night, I worried about him being alone in a strange place.

During our second week, we were in a different cottage that had two queen beds. Bryan was able to be with us under one roof the second week. I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

And as our vacation progressed, the upset and tension melted away as family time together helped to wipe away the tough memories and supplant them with good. We hit the sunny beach daily and Bryan would eagerly immerse himself in the warm waters of the Gulf. Bird watching, walking in the nature preserves, shuffleboard tourneys and shelling consumed the rest of our daily round. At the end of each day, we would take our beverage of choice down to the beach to watch the gorgeous sunset – with Bryan teasingly complaining of the nightly ritual with an eyeroll and an “Oh Mom! Not again!”

The routines, the beauty , and the love of family helped to erase some of the past and put Bryan on the path to recovery and wholeness once again. And we still talk about the wonderful time we spent together on Sanibel.

2 thoughts on “Sanibel Memory

  1. That Sanibel trip could be called : “ Where’s Bryan?” The blessing is that it all worked out just fine!

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