Bryan showing his nephew his gold Special Olympics medals

It was the second time Bryan was with his nephew, Finley, since his birth. Such a difference two months makes! As Uncle Bry jingled the shiny gold medals at Finn, he was riveted to the color and the sound. Already I could tell a difference in their brief relationship. Bryan tried Peek-a-boo, however Finn is too young for that game just yet. But, soon – oh, the possibilities!

Bryan walked over to his sister – a first-time mother – and gave her a ribboned bright pink rose with baby’s breath and said “To the best sis in the whole world – Happy Mother’s Day.” It took her aback and pleased her no end at the same time. Bryan always says what he means from the heart.

After our Mother’s Day feast, Bryan watched as I opened my gifts from the family. He had a sad expression on his face. When I asked why, I found that he had forgotten to bring my card when he came to our house. I’ll get it eventually and will cherish it, I’m sure.

Last year Bryan picked out gifts to appeal to the fashion side of me – a lovely purse with flowered lining, a garden hat, and a necklace with the letter “J” on it, all of which I love and have worn frequently.

This year his choices were more practical, but still quite useful. I got a turntable which will come in very handy to organize my refrigerator more efficiently and a bright pink insulated tumbler which I’ve been using often at rehearsals.

We did ask him if he wanted Dad to pick up something or he wanted to do it himself. He always wants to pick things out himself and pay for them with his own money. No matter what he chooses, the gifts show an understanding of what I might like or could use, along with a deep sense of really caring what would interest Mom.

From his nephew, to his sister to his mom, Bryan always manages to know what will be interesting to each, showing his thoughtfulness in the effort. Would that everyone could be so conscientious!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I love those gold medals 🥇 you won Bryan and your very thoughtful gifts 🎁 to those you love ❤️: 👛 &🌹. Please let us know when you teach Finley “ Peek 🫣 -a Boo 👻”

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