Uncle Bryan feeding nephew Finn for the first time.

This past week the whole family traveled to Avalon, New Jersey to vacation together with the newest addition to the family – Finley Bryan. As Bryan calls him – “my namesake”.

Bryan wanted to give Finn his bottle shortly after we arrived. Finn cooperated pretty well, wiggle-worm that he is! Bryan managed to corral Finn’s energy and helped him to finish his bottle.

During the week, friends came over for Happy Hour and the conversation turned to “Bryan, what do you think Finn will become when he grows up?” He had a ready answer. “Finn could become a manager or a doctor.”

This question continued to be mulled over in Bryan’s mind the rest of that evening. He was thinking hard as he cleared the whole table after dinner, rinsed all the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. A skill he was proud to show us from his new job. Just as we were about to go to bed later that evening, Bryan continued the thought process, further outlining his hopes and dreams for his nephew.

“He could be my protégé (yes, he used that word!) “He may grow up to be a busboy like me or a doctor. He will have many opportunities. But he will need to learn to eat with a fork and spoon. Then he will need to learn that “F” is for fork, “S” is for spoon and “K” is for knife.” (this last word, particularly impressed me!) “But first he will need to learn how to read.” Obviously, Bryan has thought through some of what Finn will need to master before jumping to the doctor career path.

What I love about this is that Bryan equates being a busboy (a job he is enjoying and is proud of) with that of being a doctor. Of course, he has no idea of the skill involved in the field of medicine. The important thing for Bryan is that his job of bus boy is as noble a profession to him as that of a doctor. He’s proud of what he does and hopes that Finn will find a job that he loves as well.

Finn has now become a little human to Uncle Bryan. A little man who will be growing by leaps and bounds over these upcoming years, watched by the loving eyes of his uncle as he grows and changes.

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Please tell Bryan that I sincerely and totally agree that being a busboy, who loves his job, is every bit as noble as being a doctor. Plus whatever you do, do it for the Lord ✝️

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  2. Bryan has grasped what many of us have not, every job is important, every job has value, and this was more than evident during our pandemic. Know your job, make the job yours, and do it the best way you are able. Kudos to Bryan.


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