The chef with his pumpkin cookies.


Bryan stood at our kitchen table Thanksgiving morning, dressed and ready to head to western PA to celebrate with his mom and dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, sister, brother-in-law and nephew.

Before diving into his scrambled egg breakfast, he outlined all of the things for which he was thankful ….

“I am thankful for the food we introduce into our bodies. It’s not about the things that are wrong, but what is right.

I’m grateful for parades which inspire lots of people. Family, pumpkin pie, my cousin, and James Bond films (there is always a “Bond-a-thon” Thanksgiving weekend).

I do love this land. My studies are related to this love.” (he’s written a ‘book’ about the Pilgrims, the first Thanksgiving and Plymouth Rock.)

The day before Thanksgiving, Bryan and his staff helper, Gina, had some fun in the kitchen prepping for the holiday. They made some soft, chewy pumpkin spice cookies chock full of raisins and chocolate chips. He proudly displayed them when we picked him up for our trip. Desiring to share his creations with the family, they made the trip west to Johnstown, then traveled to Reading, then back home. All of the family shared in his cookie bake. And, with each sharing, the story was proudly told of how he made them with Gina.

The two of them also crafted a gingerbread house, which resides on Bryan’s dining room table in his apartment. He was clearly proud of this accomplishment as well. WE are so grateful to Gina who is with Bryan each Wednesday, taking him where he needs to go in the community as well as doing these fun activities with him.

In retrospect, I’d like to emphasize Bryan’s one statement in particular – “It’s not about the things that are wrong, but what is right.”. As we enter the Christmas season, it is good to remember all the things that are going well for us in this life and in this world. Not the things that are wrong – what we are bombarded with on social media each day. Remember the things that are right – food for the table, loving family and friends, and a faith that gets us through whatever life throws our way.

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