Uncle Bryan and nephew, Finn, share a snuggle.

The Christmas holiday season provided several opportunities for more bonding between Uncle Bryan and Finn. With the opening of Christmas Eve presents, Bryan was happy that Finley enjoyed the little train engine with pop-up characters which he chose and purchased for his nephew. He kept him occupied in his high chair while we enjoyed a delicious feast.

On Christmas Day, little Finn had had enough holiday merriment and was on overload. He and Bryan were not together for very long that day. Nevertheless, Bryan’s mind was working overtime on how he could help Finley realize the true meaning of Christmas. That morning, we dug out the child’s Nativity set from the attic. Bryan remembered playing with it as a child himself. He wanted to set it up for Finley before he arrived on the scene. He gently placed the stuffed cloth homemade participants on the floor next to Finn’s basket of instruments by the Christmas tree. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were center stage. The shepherd and animals came next and surrounded the Holy Family. Then the three kings – at a distance, made their way towards the yarn manger.

This year was a little too early to teach his nephew about the Christmas Story. But you can bet that Bryan will keep trying to relay to his nephew that wonderful tale in years to come.

When the family had left in the early evening and we were cleaning up from dinner and the mountains of discarded wrapping paper, Bryan stood in the kitchen and offered these thoughts, his mind still thinking of Finn and what he would learn in the future.

“I want to teach Finn values and goals, honor and morals”, he began. “I want to help him understand the meaning of the Bible.” He mentioned getting Finley a children’s Bible with pictures to start him on his way. A video which helped Bryan learn his Bible verses, Steve Green’s “Hide’Em in Your Heart Songs”, was the way to start him off on the right foot, according to Uncle Bry.

He explained how he was now done with children’s books and videos since he was all grown up. I wasn’t sure where he was going with all of this until he brought me to Finn’s room – the nursery which was formerly his sister’s bedroom. There on the shelf he had stacked all the books from his early days. He told me of how he hoped Finn would enjoy them now and how he would learn about outer space, the oceans, rain, our country, and castles from his many texts.

And, included among those volumes, a video of Bible verses, so that his little nephew can grow into the faith which is so much a part of Bryan’s life. May it come to pass. What a special gift to share!

3 thoughts on “Finn Hopes

  1. Bryan is such a sweet, kind, caring uncle! He’s such a deep thinker – his goals he wants to teach Finn are way more significant than those a “normal” uncle would have. Finn is so very blessed to have such a very “special” uncle.
    May God continue to richly bless them both!


  2. This is the most heart-warming story. That Bryan wants to share on the morals, values, important thing in like to his little nephew. We should all have a Bryan in our lives to make us realize what is important.


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