The birthday mates share yet another birthday!

Saturday, May 13th was a very special day in the lives of grandmother and grandson – the firstborn grandchild. As they have done without fail 42 times in the past, these two celebrated their birthdays together. I truly didn’t think this would happen this year. 102 years old is a rather uncommon milestone, especially when the life expectancy for females in the U.S. is around 75.6 years. Yikes! I don’t have long to go based on that. Let’s hope I’ve inherited my mother’s genes!

Researchers claim that longevity may not necessarily hinge on healthy lifestyle but, rather, having a penchant for routine. Lord knows, that is how Mom’s days are structured where she now lives. We struggled with the decision to move her there six years ago. We now realize that was the best decision we could have made, although she was initially crushed when we told her that her “room” in the facility she had visited the year before had become available. She had lived in the home my father had designed and built for his bride for sixty-six years. She moved out at age 96. Her current daily round of three square meals a day, snacks that arrive at your door twice daily, and morning and afternoon game sessions keep this all-important routine a part of her life. She also finds time for Wednesday morning bible study and Sunday chapel services. Of course, weekly manicures and hair salon keep her looking good. I love that she values her appearance at 102!

Bryan took all of this hoopla about Grandma in stride. Each year he matures more in this area. When I took him aside to reinforce the reality that Grandma’s longevity was a rare occurrence, he nodded knowingly. I know when she passes he will be devastated and I want him to cherish these moments together. He happily ceded the day to her and took a back seat to his own 42nd birthday, an unselfish gesture which may not have happened a few years back.

He did ask later in the day, however, when we would be celebrating his birthday. “Saturday or Sunday?” , he inquired. We decided that Saturday night would be his special time to be recognized. And, so, after all the Grandma partying during the afternoon, the evening was his after a scrumptious feast provided by aunt and uncle at their home. He cried at their gift for him. A one-of-a- kind limited edition of a King Arthur statue created in England at the site of the legendary reign of the King himself. Bryan’s hero. I had no knowledge that my brother was thinking along those lines or that a such a meaningful gift would be forthcoming. But we had included amongst our presents a trip to Broadway with Bryan to see “Camelot”. What a wonderful coincidence! Sharing times together is more precious than gold. It’s what Bryan holds on to. He remembers those times indelibly.

As he walked beside her down the long hallway from her room to the private dining room where we celebrated together, he put his arm around Grandma, gave her a hug and then laid his head on her shoulder. “Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma” , he said. He knows how special these times are together. And mom looked up and smiled her special smile at him.

Such a blessing!

3 thoughts on “Blessing

  1. What a very special celebration! Your description left me in tears!

    Bryan and his Grandmotther both look terrific – and oh, so happy to be together! ❤️🎂🎉❤️


  2. Just love this. I’m so sentimental and it warms my heart to read about and see Bryan’s love for his Grandma. Two very special people to celebrate. They have blessed so many people in their lives!! ❤


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