Bryan is a spiritual kind of guy. He actually is a member of two congregations at once, always concerned that his offering money makes it to each parish on time. His faith permeates his day, as mine well should, but I always seem to fall short. He fills notebooks full of scripture, prayers and words from books on faith which he has purchased or found on internet sites.

How much of this does Bryan actually comprehend? Only God knows for sure. All I am sure of us that he takes his daily walk with God quite seriously. And I have to think that God smiles at that and knows the inner workings of Bryan’s heart.

When his outward speech fails with stuttering and stammering, his thoughts must find their way to God’s ear. And I bet He is pleased!

In September we went to the shore for a long weekend. I happened to go into his bedroom and find a prayer scrawled on notepaper by Bryan’s bedside. (see above image). Who knows where he found it? Perhaps it will be meaningful for you as it was for me, especially thinking of it with Bryan in mind.

Here is a translation from the scrawl:

Morning Prayer

Lord, I believe that you created me for a special purpose and that you have a perfect plan for my life. I ask that you fulfill your purpose for me and help me to do (that) daily through prayer and your word. Thank you that as I seek you each day that you will guide me along the best pathway for my life in Jesus’ name. (Amen)

3 thoughts on “Spirituality

  1. When I met Bryan for the first time a couple years ago, I was so impressed with his writing. He shared some of his entries in his ever present journal. I was also blessed to see his love of God and nature. We went shelling and watched the shore birds as we enjoyed our day at the beach in Sanibel. Bryan is a very spiritual guy – he just glows with a sense of God’s presence in his life. My life is richer for the time we shared.


  2. God has given Bryan his greatest gift – faith in his Heavenly Father. May Bryan’s light continue to shine for all to see and hopefully
    encourage their faith journey🙏


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