Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Bryan has always embraced his Celtic roots. He has cherished our two trips to Ireland, Scotland and England.

Even before these trips and confirmation of our U.K. roots via Ancestry research and DNA testing, Bryan has always gravitated towards all things British Isles.

As a child, he would dress up as a knight when at play. Often he would “rescue” the princess (played by one of his sister’s friends) and share a dance at the celebratory ball – waltzing to strains from Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping Beauty” clad in his plastic armor.

As an adult, his apartment is decorated with knightly things – a full-sized replica of William Wallace’s huge sword hangs over his leather couch. Pewter knights stand sentry on his mantle. A shield, crown and “Rules of Knightly Honor” decorate the walls.

Often, when speaking, Bryan uses the word “honor”. Does he grasp it’s full import? The word comes into play when saluting military personnel. In a grace given before Thanksgiving dinner. When being “honored” on the Special Olympics medal stand.

At times he bows his head. He kneels as if to be knighted. He is now a Scottish “Laird”, having been gifted a one-foot-square piece of land at Dunmore Castle by his aunt and uncle.

I think honor is literally part of his DNA. In researching my side of the family tree on Ancestry, I found that my father’s family can be traced back to Henry I, II and III of England. My mother’s side has Robert the Bruce and Robert I of Scotland as Bryan’s long-ago grandfathers. He cherishes that discovery and carries the evidence of his royal heritage on a 3 X 5 card wherever he goes.

The twenty-first chromosome isn’t a factor where family ties and honor are concerned. Bryan is honored and honors others in so many valuable ways!

3 thoughts on “Honor

  1. What a cool post!! Cliff wants Brian to know he also has a full size William Wallace sword sent from his friend in Scotland after we had visited…except his is in a corner behind a desk!! 💚Pat


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