One happy fella!

This week, Bryan received a gift from the husband of my first cousin, who lives in Florida. Bobby has known Bryan since he was a baby but, because of moving South, has not seen Bryan in many, many years. And, yet, he thought of him in a very special way.

In reading my blog posts about Bryan’s love for the military, Bobby thought that Bryan might enjoy having his medals from his time in the Air Force. What a gift! Hard-earned awards that were held in high esteem many years ago are now gifted to one who will never be able to participate in any of the armed forces. Bryan will live vicariously through these medals as he places them in a special place in his bedroom – a place reserved for his military coins and other items he has collected over the years.

A good conduct medal and ribbon and a small arms expert marksmanship ribbon from the Air Force are mounted on a wooden plaque as seen in the picture, along with Bryan’s happy face. What can’t be seen is the love behind the gift. Gifting something so special to someone who isn’t directly related to you by blood is such a caring act.

Bobby and his wife, my cousin Claudia, are such compassionate, caring Christians. Bryan still uses his Bible and cover from them – a graduation gift from many years ago. The nurturing of Bryan’s faith by the example they set of selfless giving is priceless. Loving handwritten notes always accompany their cards and gifts. And, even though Bryan has not seen these relatives for at least twenty-five years, I’m sure he feels the love and caring of family over the miles – the best gift of all!

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