The love of a son!

I sat in my chair in the cold family room, bundled in an afghan – a lump of isolated pandemic depression. I’m not good in a normal year in mid-winter. Seasonal Affective Disorder grabs ahold of me and won’t let go.

And it was Valentine’s Day.

My husband had worked during he morning and early afternoon, then had an errand to run that took him away for another few hours. Then dinner. And, after that, he had a choral rehearsal from 6:30-9:30.

As I sat there in the dark having a mini pity-party, I thought, why not give Mom a call? At age 100 1/2, this could well be her last Valentine’s Day. She was grateful for the call. As she regaled me with a riveting tale of the nurses removing he bunion and corn pads from her feet, I heard the side door creak open. Had Ed forgotten his music? I ended the call by wishing Mom well and telling her I loved her.

I got up to investigate and found a bundled-up figure in the shadows, hiding his face with his hood as if I couldn’t see the rest of him. “Happy Valentine’s Day! ” Bryan exclaimed, throwing back the hood. He thrust a bouquet of six red roses, candy heart and card into my hands.

His roommate stood quietly in the background, smiling broadly at the scene he enabled by driving Bryan down to deliver his message.

What a simple, blessed act of love! Yes, the roses were a bit worse for wear, but a watery plunge in a vase perked them up. How sweet they smelled! The candy was definitely not Godiva, but it tasted like the finest chocolate to me in that moment. The cute little card – chosen in love and signed… “Love, Bryan”.

Bryan was clearly pleased with his choices as he surveyed my delighted reaction to his gifts, smothering him with hugs and kisses. He knew he had made my Valentine’s Day by his selfless act. He stayed and chatted for a while – mostly small talk. But I think he left knowing how happy he had made his momma that night.

I also know he really understood the true meaning of “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35) by the broad smile on his face as he walked out the door.

5 thoughts on “Valentine

    1. what a wonderful act of leave j am teary a eyed reading this. it’s the little things from the heart that are the greatest gifts ❤️❤️


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