Bocce boys at the beach

Avalon, New Jersey is Bryan’s happy place. Mine, too. For weeks before our vacation, he bugs me to send him his Avalon List of things to pack for our week together. The suitcase is ready to go a few days before we leave. The folding/packing is not the neatest, but he does try to stick with “the list”. Otherwise, he’d bring everything but the kitchen sink with an overflowing suitcase and various other bags. Chalk it up to his OCD!

We had to rent a new house this year. That sent Bryan into a bit of a tailspin. Not knowing what to anticipate, he asked us to find the rental home online first so that he could view the rooms and stake his claim. The house we chose for this year was unknown to us – we had to rent sight unseen as the other home we rented for at least fifteen years switched realtors unbeknownst to us, and rented to someone else without letting us know. So, we just looked at pictures and the description online and made the choice. Luckily, the house was beautiful and more spacious than our old digs.

Bryan was king of the hill in the new home. He choose the large bedroom downstairs with two double beds. A nicely appointed sitting room offered him his requisite “mancave” in which to watch his movies and do his writings. He was as happy as a beach clam!

The bar seating in the large well-appointed kitchen became Bryan’s breakfast area. He and Uncle Dick fixed the luncheon table to overflowing each day as the “B and D” restaurant once again was reestablished for the family. At dinner, Bryan’s job was to set the table which he did as soon as he came off the beach each day. He also loved to help me gather and create appetizers for our “happy hour” each evening.

On our last day at lunch, I had happy news to share with Bryan. I was able to tell him that the following Monday he would be able to start the new job which he had secured in June – finally! AND that he would have a job coach to help him along the way – something that has not been available to him for at least four to five years.

He jumped up from his chair, gave me a huge bear hug, and cried on my shoulder for several minutes with joy. The family also shed sympathetic tears and congratulated Bryan on this wonderful news which he had been anxiously waiting to hear.

It made going home not quite such a sad affair. The perfect ending to a perfect week together!

2 thoughts on “Avalon

  1. Bryan is a natural born Beach Boy! Sounds like the week was about as perfect as it could be – and what exciting news about Bryan’s new job! Please tell him congratulations for me!


  2. Sounds like you all had a great time in Avalon🤗! Seems like the change in homes worked out for the best. GOOD LUCK 🍀 in your new job Bryan ‼️

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