Bryan looking underwhelmed in the break room at work.

As was hinted at last week, Bryan began a new job on Monday, July 25th at Ann’s Choice retirement community. He was to have started at the end of June, but a whole month passed with several hold ups along the way.

First, his Supports Coordinator and Program Specialist resigned from their jobs, leaving Bryan without the key members of his team for a time. Second, the amount of paperwork and health screening clearances was extensive and required a lot of back-and-forth with the doctor’s office and HR. Meanwhile, Bryan sat at home, alone, and watched movies all day during the month of June into July.

After a full day of orientation Monday, Bryan completed his week with his job coach, also named Brian. The reports from the coach were good – Bryan needed very little in the way of prompts. I guess that full week at the shore helped Bryan at setting and clearing tables. Good practice for the new job!

At the end of last week Bryan reported that he really likes his new job. He works Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 10-3. It keeps him busy so he’s not sitting at home all day by himself. He is proud of pulling a salary once again. And the best part? Free lunches on the days he works. Hopefully, the pounds won’t pile on again!

Last Friday was an outdoor picnic at work. In addition to working, he enjoyed the picnic fare of burgers, dogs, mac and cheese and – the best part – a do-it-yourself ice cream bar. Nothing like free ice cream with plenty of toppings to endear one to a new job!

Sadly, the job coach will not be able to work with him this week and possibly the next. Since the Supports Coordinator left, no job coach funding addendum was put in place in his ISP. The remainder of the team is trying to get this up and running so that Bryan can resume training with Brian, the coach, ASAP. Hopefully, he will be able to function this week in a new job without any help.

We will just have to hope and pray that Bryan can carry on with his job tasks by himself for a while and continue learning new skills on his own. AND that the funding for his job coach is approved quickly, though the wheels of bureaucracy move slowly.

3 thoughts on “New Job

  1. Congratulations, Bryan! It’s exciting to start a new job! Sending lots of good wishes for success! ❤️❤️❤️


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