These two Eagles fans are pumped for the Super Bowl!

“Fly, Eagles, Fly on the road to victory!”

How many times we joyously joined Bryan in singing the Eagles fight song after every touchdown these past few exciting playoff games! While singing, we were given green, black and silver pom poms to shake – a purchase Bryan made at the Linc when his cousin took him to the Eagles store following an opening preseason game.

To say Bryan is an enthusiastic fan is an understatement. He bleeds green. It always makes the cold, gray winter days fly quicker with extra games to watch, cheering on the team with family.

Where does he get this intense loyalty? Mom and Dad like football and will watch the games if we are not otherwise occupied. We’re not rabid fans, though. Bryan’s roommates over the years have not gone crazy for football. I’d like to think it’s an inherited thing. My dad was similarly engaged as a long-time Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Bryan’s Uncle Brad still is. Grandad Gordon, whom Bryan never met, watched every Steelers game with an intensity that rivals Bryan’s. Perhaps it was because he was a football player in high school and college. My dad was a short little guy – 5’5″, but, nevertheless was a force to be reckoned with on the field. In fact, the college newspaper reports of games he played at California State Teachers College dubbed him “half-pint Gordon”.

After college, Barney Gordon continued his love of football by becoming a high school referee. He would travel quite a distance on Friday and Saturday nights with his other three officiating buddies. After the games, they all would stop for a big steak dinner on the way home. They were all good friends. I still have two of my dad’s black and white striped jerseys, worn and threadbare and loved. His whistle is in my jewelry box and I have his collection of silver dollars he used for the coin tosses at the beginning of the games. He was also the Rules Interpreter in Pennsylvania for the P.I.A.A. (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) for years.

I have told Bryan stories of his Grandad and his love of football. I’ve shown him the shirts, whistle and silver dollars. Had Dad lived a longer life to meet his grandson, I’m sure they would’ve shared many wonderful football memories. And I know my dad would have been a great inspiration to Bryan, teaching him how to live life to it’s fullest, engaging in lots of activities with enthusiasm and good humor. Yes, those two share that commonality as well as being football fanatics.

And, now, Bryan can pass along this love to his nephew Finn. They’ve already watched a few games together. And although Finn has no clue what’s going on in front of him on the television, Uncle Bryan, and his mom and dad will pass that passion along to Finley.

Bryan hopes to host the Super Bowl party at his apartment in ten days. The last time he hosted, the Eagles won for the first time. Let’s hope history repeats itself and we can celebrate our Eagles by singing that great song together many times on February 12th for Super Bowl LVII!

3 thoughts on “FLY!!

  1. If the Steelers don’t make it to the Super Bowl, the Eagles are the next best thing! I’ll be cheering for the Eagles along with Bryan and Finn on Feb 12!


  2. The Eagles 🏈 🦅 are fortunate to have such loyal fans as Bryan & Finley. 


    div>Hoping Bryan holding the Super Bowl Party is the lucky charm. Go Eagles Go – – – 📣❗️

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  3. I hope Bryan has a spectacular party – and in the future Finn can be part of that party. Dedication to a team, despite its ups and downs, is a wonderful thing.


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