Friends for fifteen years!

This past weekend we took Bryan to see a friend he has known ever since she was born. In fact, Bryan went to the hospital right after little Bridget came into this world. He was a bit shocked to see the state Bridget’s mom was in after delivering via a natural childbirth, but he recovered quickly when viewing the little bundle.

This little bundle will soon be sweet sixteen and just starred in “The Music Man” as Zaneeta Shin at Neshaminy High School. On the way to the performance, Bryan entertained us from the back seat of the car quoting lines from “Music Man”, the movie of which he has seen countless times. The opening train sequence was first….”Cash for the merchandise”… When asked what Zaneeta’s big line is in the show, he answered with a high-pitched “Ye Gods!”. Of course he was right. Other parts of the musical filled the car during our half an hour ride to the school.

Bridget was stellar and sweet as Zaneeta with her oversized white bow topping the mounds of bouncing banana curls in her hair. Dancing across the stage with Harold Hill and Tommy, her boyfriend in the show, she caused us all to burst with pride. Quiet and shy as she is in real life, she blossomed on the large stage, staying in character throughout the show. We were SO proud of her!

After the final curtain, Bryan wanted to go up and see Bridget and her family and present her with a little floral arrangement. She greeted her buddy with a warm hug which Bryan returned. There was no embarrassment from this teen in hugging someone with Down Syndrome whom others in the audience regarded with wary looks. Bridget accepts Bryan as who he is and welcomed him with warmth and her glowing smile.

What a blessing it is to see a stage full of excellent teen actors, dancers and singers reveling in music and theater! These kids will excel in life, being given these creative gifts at a young age. They’ve not only learned their lines and lyrics, they’ve learned how to work together as a team and how to be humble and grateful for their experience on the stage. The skills learned in this supportive environment will prepare them for many life lessons which will come their way in their bright future.

We are blessed to know Bridget and her family and count them as dear friends. It will be exciting to see where she will go in life and to be a part of it as she continues to grow in so many ways. Meanwhile, Bryan can’t wait for the next time we can all be together. He knows the friends that treat him as an equal without patronizing and pitying. And it is those friends he relishes, being made all the richer by being together, whether watching from afar in an audience of hundreds, or bottle feeding an infant who grows up to be a pal.

Baby Bridget tries to get Bryan’s glasses!

3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Bridget is a beautiful and obviously talented young lady and Bryan looks pretty dapper himself. This is a heartwarming ❤️story and a perfect lead


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